About Advanced Technical Products Supply ., Inc.- Cincinnati, Ohio


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Marking Paints/Stencil Ink
Glass-Forging Lubricants Boron Nitride CoatingsProtective Coatings that Control Oxidation/Decarburization ISO 9001

About Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc

Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of water based glass/ceramic coatings that protect, lubricate and identify metals at high temperatures.

Founded in 1988, Advanced Technical Products supplies the forging, foundry, heat-treating, steel, titanium and aluminum industries with specially formulated coatings that are designed to be both cost effective and superior performing. All of our coatings are formulated with the end user in mind.

Advanced Technical Products will custom formulate coatings to meet your hot working needs. All of our coatings are easily applied. The coating can be formulated for painting, dipping, flow-coating and spraying.

Advanced Technical Products prides itself on being customer responsive. All of your questions or concerns will be handled promptly and courteously.

Advanced Technical Products is committed to delivering quality products all of the time, on time.