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ATP Marking Paints and Stencil Ink

ATP offers a line of water-based identification paints and ink for both hot and cold marking applications. Our products are formulated to apply solid, legible marks over a wide range of temperatures and materials.

The ATP Metal Mark paints are used for identifying metals/materials and provide a clear mark at temperatures ranging from ambient up to 2300°F. Our line of products are compatible with all major marking systems, and are custom-designed for end-users and their application processes. 

Our Stencil Ink has been developed to provide users with an option that can be brushed or rolled onto surfaces ranging in temperatures from ambient up to 650°F.

ATP Advantages

  • High-legibility/visibility
  • Excellent rheological properties
  • Resists multiple reheats and quenching
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-based
  • Easily-applied
  • Excellent shelf-life
  • Excellent long-term adhesion
  • Cost-effective

     ATP Marking Paints               Substrate

  • Metal Mark #4 (ambient - 850°F)
  • Metal Mark #7 (300 - 1800°F)
  • Metal Mark #8 (300 - 1800°F)
  • Metal Mark #20 (300 - 1800°F)
  • Metal Mark #104 (300 - 2300°F)
  • steel plate/pipe
  • steel coil
  • aluminum
  • steel coil
  • steel slabs/plate/pipe

     ATP Stencil Ink                            Substrate

  • Metal Mark SI# (ambient - 650°F)
  • steel, xxx

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