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Water-Based Boron Nitride Coatings

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Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc Boron Nitride coatings are formulated to protect or lubricate metals, glass, ceramics, composites and plastics. The coatings can be sprayed, dipped, painted or flow coated.

Boron Nitride coatings may be used in oxidizing atmospheres up to 850 C; reducing atmospheres up to 1372 C and in a vacuum to 3000 C.

The water-based coatings dry to a smooth film. The coatings come in varying degrees of hardness. Some coatings have excellent erosion resistance and are formulated for high wear protection.

The soft films provide excellent lubrication as well as non-wetting properties. All the coatings have non-wetting and release properties for molten aluminum, magnesium and their drosses. Boron Nitride coatings can also be used as a release agent for other molten metals.

Boron Nitride coating are applied to refractories, metals, glass, composites and other materials requiring non-wetting, lubricating or refractory protection.

The coatings are custom formulated to maximize cost-efficiency, and workability for melting, casting, forging, rolling, drawing, extruding, pressing, forming and other operations.

We custom-formulate coatings to meet your hot-working needs.

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